… and, I’m guessing, at tempi I would love to play someday!

I do have vague memories of my very first time playing The Nutcracker. I remember loving the music. I remember seriously studying the English horn solos. I remember working so very hard to be perfect and expressive. And I remember getting so very nervous for each and every solo.

I think I’ve now played it for something like 30 years. I suspect I could play it without the music in front of me. I certainly know all the solos by heart. And I no longer get nervous, unless reeds are in fail mode.


  1. I love the Nutcracker in all its overdone Christmasy-ness! They do it every year here too, and I have never played it. Of course I have done the suite a couple of times, or pieces of it, but I would LOVE to play the real thing with a ballet someday. Enjoy!

  2. What’s especially fun for those of us who play it every year are the children … that’s what keeps us going! 🙂