“There are a lot of ways in which people are basically alike, but the experience of chills isn’t one of them,” said the authors. “Some people seem to have never experienced chills while listening to music — around 8% of people in our study — but other people experience chills basically every day. Findings like these are what the make the study of personality and music interesting — music is a human universal, but some people get a lot more out of it.”


What I really want to know, though, is whether other people get that horribly yucky feeling in the pit of their stomach when they hear music that pains them.


  1. I had to stop by since you so kindly commented at my blog.

    I have to say I respect professional musicians SO MUCH because while I have played music, I have no where near the talent, drive and dedication to play myself to any level of excellence.

    That said, I have near perfect pitch and a tremendous appreciation for how music touches my soul.

    And there’s one lady in my church who … um … can’t stay on key and everyone has told her all these years that she is a wonderful singer (they obviously don’t have very high standards or they’re much nicer than I am) so they keep giving her a microphone.

    It has gotten to where if I see she is up front with a mike I find something to do elsewhere until the music portion is finished. I hate missing music worship, but I find that having to listen to that fingers on chalkboard effect on my soul, any true worship vanishes and I’m prepped to be grumpy and distractable the rest of the service. NOT why I go to church!

  2. Pitch is a killer, isn’t it? I, too, have been in church when someone is so off my stomach just tightens up and actually aches a bit. Not everyone has a physical reaction to something like this, but I think those of us with an ear for pitch certainly do. That being said, I’ve had to sort of lighten up with it comes to church and music; while I worship at church, I usually find I won’t be worshiping through the music. I’m blessed to worship on stage or in the pit with some very fine musicians (whether or not they are worshiping as well)! I am guessing there were out of tune singers when the disciples and others got together and sang. I wonder if Jesus ever cringed at pitch. I’m guessing he had perfect pitch! 😉

    Thanks for dropping in and commenting!