I don’t know that I’ve ever played Tchaikovsky’s Cappriccio Italien on it’s own, but parts of it appear in the Ballet San Jose version of the Nut. I’ve been playing this particular combined version of the Nut for maybe 6 years or so. Prior to that we did use all three players, and I sat in the EH chair. Only THIS year did it hit me; I can hold down the A&#9837 and left E&#9837 keys for the sixteenth notes (see below) … and it’s so darn easy. Geesh. Why am I so slow sometimes? (Hmmm. I might not want an answer to that.)

I’m guessing reeders here already knew about doing this, but just in case you didn’t … now you do.


  1. I’d play it on an E-flat tuba. It lays better than on a CC.

  2. Quick, Tony, write it in your part and play it tomorrow night! 😎