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How To Teach A Proper Music Lesson?

I’ve been requested to teach an oboe lesson, and I’ve never really had a student before. I’m wanting to give my new student a proper education into the music world. I haven’t been informed on how much music backround my student will have, but I will soon. From what it sounds like, they are a complete novice and have no musical knowledge into their system. Any tips on teaching better lessons and allowing the new musician to keep interest?

I read it here.

I don’t take students who don’t already read music. Period. I think oboe is difficult enough even after music reading skills have been learned. I just don’t want to tackle the reading as well. (That being said, I do get some who say they can read music and I find they are mostly playing by ear and faking it!)

So anyone want to go over there and help this novice teacher? I would think the person who have some idea of what to do, considering he or she should have had at least one teacher in his or her past, yes? But it never hurts to get advice from other, more seasoned instructors.

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