28. December 2010 · Comments Off on Since I’m Boring These Days · Categories: Blogroll

Okay, okay, you are all probably thinking, “Um. You’re always boring!” Just don’t tell me, please! … but since I’m even MORE boring, I hope you might consider checking out the links on the right side of this page. I just posted a new oboe blog: Born Again Oboe!, about the adventures of an oboist who took a 10 year leave and is back to oboing. (I think he should probably make a few hundred reeds to get back in practice and send me maybe 100 of those. Doesn’t that sound reasonable?) There was a bassoon blog I would have put up but since the blog’s title includes the F-bomb I felt it unwise to do so. Ah well. I’ll just visit in on my own and if I see anything of great interest I’ll alert you to it.

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