28. December 2010 · Comments Off on Vienna Women in New Dress Pants · Categories: Read Online

Ladies of the prestigious Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra modeled chic new concert attire Wednesday — pinstriped pants and a long black blazer over a white blouse and gray gilet.

Read that and more here.

I wonder how a uniform like that would fly in the states. Women here are much freer to dress how they choose as long as it’s black. I would hate to have to add a white blouse to my rep; I hate white blouses! (And I can’t keep them clean.) I’m going to guess that if this was tried here there’d be a lot of rebellion going on. That being said, I do think we often dress less formally that the men in their penguin suits. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could meet somewhere between our “you could probably wear that while gardnening” women’s clothes and the “this is never worn in the real world” men’s? I’m all for solid black for all. Really. (Does anyone know of a professional group that does this? Do tell!)

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