Many thanks to Bob Hubbard for a link here.

I know a conductor who has done something like this, and I can tell you it really can work. Some music … it just flows this way! Honest!

And isn’t that just a wonderful way to bring in a new year? I think so! It made me … well … happy!


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  1. I did 2 summer camps with Otter Werner Mueller (of Julliard and Curtis). Sheez, you should have seen him put down young conductors who were so full of themselves and their waving arms! My own experience (very limited) with both playing and conducting is that the orchestra usually knows what they are doing well enough. On stage, the conductor is more of a reminder and P.R. thing. When there is a connection between the soul of the music, the conductor and the players, than the only reminders necessary are facial gestures…. did this myself!