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What is the name of the classical music price that has a two handed decesending scale?

This is a difficult question because I do not know the name of the piece. However, it is very unique in that it has a part where two hands play a descending sclae run again and again. Then in between each descending scale run their is a short melody. If you get this question you are a amazing person.

Some questions just make you smile, you know?

I read it here.

Anyone out there want to be an amazing person? Go for it! (Two people already responded, so perhaps the questioner already has his/her answer.) The truth of it is that someone out there will probably come up with the right answer. Someone once wrote to me with a very vague question about something she’d heard in an advertisement that she thought might be from an opera. There were two women singing. Can you guess what it was? I did.

(This also brings back memories of working at a bookstore. We’d get similar questions. “I’m looking for a book and I don’t know the title or author but it has a green cover with white letters on the front,” sort of stuff. Sometimes we did come up with the book, too.)

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