03. January 2011 · 4 comments · Categories: FBQD

My new oboe needs a name – any suggestions?
PS. It’s a boy.


  1. Leonard. 🙂

  2. & why that particular name, Anna?! 😎

  3. Why, after Bernstein, of course. 🙂 Or substitute the first name of your favorite (male) conductor or composer. If I named my oboe Leonard, I’d probably call him Lenny for short. My oboe’s a girl though, and she’s not mine so I haven’t named her.

    OTOH, I named my new vacuum cleaner Fenris, after the world-devouring wolf of Norse legend, so maybe I’m a bit weird.

  4. Shoulda thunk it!

    My oboe is an oboe. It has no name. It just … well … IS. My vacuum cleaner also has a name, and it nearly ISN’T because it tends to stop working.