Chris Foley has a blog up about House Concerts.

I love the idea. Really. How cool would it be to play at someone’s house, get to know each other … really connect?!

But — yep, you knew I’d have a “but” right? — I have a feeling it would require someone much more organized than I. And getting my colleagues together for even the mandatory recital we have to do at UCSC every other year is a major challenge. I wonder how I could manage to pull something off like this. I’m also rather uncomfortable selling things. (When I made jewelry my dear daddy sold the stuff for me much of the time!)

Better yet, I wonder how someone else could pull this off and include me in the group! Yeah. That sounds like a huge improvement, doesn’t it? 🙂

We have a lot of wonderful homes in my area that are large enough to host a house concert. How cool would it be to walk to work … um, I mean play … well … work/play.

Here are some samples of House Concerts with classical musicians (it’s popular with other music as well):

And how about a “House Concert” on a street car? Hmmm. I guess some folks might feel as if they live on a street car, right?!


  1. This kind of thing was getting really popular as I was leaving SF, I love it and have been involved in some pretty cool soirees– very fun atmosphere, indeed!

  2. Sounds so great, Caitlin. I’d love to do something like this sometime … but of course the rehearsing beforehand would be a challenge to figure out! Everyone I know is so busy!