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Okay … I’m impressed …

Seika Girls High School:

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UM School of Music
Saturday, January 15, 2011 10:00 AM, Joseph and Alma Gildenhorn Recital Hall

School of Music faculty members Mark Hill and Sue Heineman present a recital, discussion groups and masterclasses for double reed players of all ages.

The day is designed to inspire and inform aspiring oboists and bassoonists.

The workshop ends with all participants joining in a reading of selections from Handel’s Royal Fireworks.

Note: Walk-in registration begins at 9:45AM on the day of the event.

Student Participants: $35
Parents and teachers: free

I read it here.

If you have a double reed day or workshop to announce be sure and drop me a line!

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The future of music may not lie with music itself, but rather in the way it encourages and extends the aspirations and ideals of the people.

-Charles Ives

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can you kill a rat with an oboe?

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You know your cool when you use a shot glass as a water holder for your oboe

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Domine Deus from Vivaldi’s Gloria

Soprano – Letizia Sperzaga
Oboe – Carlo Barezzi
Fagotto – Francesco Barezzi
Clavicembalo – Giovanna Fornari

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Yesterday I started teaching again. All of one student out of the three on the schedule. One half hour lesson. That was it.

Today I go back to UCSC. And I have two of the usual three students here at home.

Slowly but surely I’m getting back to work. And I’m currently feeling very poor. Ah well … the life of a musician!