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This comment was to be posted here, and the comment included a link to some company that specializes in water damage and mold.

Okay then.

I’m so glad my oboe blog is useful to them.

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Person “Is that an oboe?” Me “Yeah…or it’s a bair sax.”

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Gigue from Suite No. 2
Alison Balsom, Trumpet

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… remains one of my faves. Do enjoy!

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This guy has an infectious smile, don’t you think?

The question is: How many people will show up and pay their $22.00 just to watch a symphony orchestra — dressed in their stuffy concert attire — play a concert?

I read it on an NPR music blog.

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I can always tell days I oboe too much… My brain can’t put together sentences and I naturally speak in foreign accents.

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Krazy Kat: Seeing Stars (1932)

Lots of famous faces in this one!