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I just landed here (Sorry! I had a link to the photo but it has since disappeared.), where I see the Opera San José resident artists for 2011-2012. I don’t believe our season has been announced yet, so I’ll remain quiet about that until I’m sure I can post the info. But isn’t this a good lookin’ bunch of singers? I think so! (I’d post the photo here, but I don’t even know who to ask about that at this point, and I’m sure no one is there to answer in the middle of the night!) Anyway, it’s a fun photo. Looks like something that would be in Vanity Fair or something, don’tcha think?

Side Note: Someone did suggest I could use the photo because it was “on the web” and, thus, in “the public domain”. But if you find photos on the web that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are in the public domain. The same goes for poetry, essays, and nearly anything … look at the page. Do you see a copyright notice? Probably so! I try to be careful about these things. We musicians are all so very picky about our own work, and I think I should be considerate of others’ work as well. It seems only right. I know I can take snippets of articles as long as I credit them, and I always link to the page where I found the snippet. I know quoting a full or partial poem under copyright is not legal. I’ve heard that the same goes for song lyrics, although I haven’t read up on that recently. (Here is a site I plan on investigating more about copyright.)

Of course if Opera San José give me permission to post the picture here I’ll go ahead and do that! You can count on it!

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