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Want to get a good idea of where I’ll be this week? Check this out:

Rehearsals begin today for a Symphony Silicon Valley concert, with music by Wagner, Liszt and Rachmaninoff. I’ll be playing English horn in the Rachmaninoff Symphonic Dances.

Opera San José uses the same hall, but of course then I’m in the pit. Barber of Seville starts up in February.

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Got tickets to see the Symphony next week. I hope there’s an Oboe.

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I’ve not written about the horror of the shootings in Arizona. I don’t usually write about things like that here. I just try to leave as much ugliness and sorrow off of this blog as I possibly can.

And I just don’t have words. So I think it’s best to not even try.

But today this music hit me, and while I will be putting this up on a Sunday Morning Music post at the end of this month, I needed it today. Maybe you can use this as well.

Lord Make Us Instruments (no composer listed)
Drakensberg Boys’ Choir

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This just received:

Dallas Symphony Orchestra Names Bill Lively President and CEO Effective June 1, 2011

Dallas, TX – January 12, 2011 – The Dallas Symphony Orchestra announced today that Dallas’ premier fundraiser and community leader Bill Lively has accepted the position of President and CEO of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Following the completion of the Super Bowl, Lively will begin transitioning from his current position as President and CEO of the North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee. He will be working on a part time basis for the DSO beginning April 1, 2011, until his official start date of June 1, 2011.
“The Dallas Symphony Orchestra is one of our city’s greatest cultural organizations,” said Lively. “I am joining the DSO at an incredible time in its artistic history. I look forward to the challenges as well as the great rewards of taking the DSO to the very highest level, impacting our community here in Dallas, while changing the definition of what the city of Dallas is known for in the future. I am committed to the larger vision of the orchestra, including a planned March 2013 European Tour, an October 2013 East Coast Tour, and plans which are formulating for a major festival in Dallas in 2014. I know that this new role will be one of the greatest joys of my career.”

… and a whole lot more, but I won’t post it all here.

So that was the “major announcement impacting the future of the Dallas Symphony and the City of Dallas” in case you were wondering.

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El band concerto. Prolly gonna mess up on my solo, the stage lights make my oboe supa sharp!

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Go here to see what Mr. Tommasini has in store for us today.

And/or watch and listen:

(I wish I knew why all these videos don’t appear properly on my blog. How annoying! I think this link will take you to a better viewing.)