13. January 2011 · Comments Off on Apples & Oranges? · Categories: Read Online

Sioux City is one of the few communities that can point to two professional orchestras, the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra and Sioux City Rockestra. On the one hand, that’s a great situation to have. On the other, it means both musical groups need to compete for that recreational dollar more creatively than in the past.

I’m just not sure … is comparing a rockestra and an orchestra like comparing two fruits, or like comparing two things that are so very different it’s hard to really connect them? I don’t know! I mean … both involve music. Both are using strings (although I can’t really hear the strings for the most part). But really … are these even competing? I can’t find a video of the orchestra, but here’s the rockestra:

the article says that 40 to 60 year olds are the rockestras audience, for the most part. Thoughts?

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