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… do note the instruments! (Not contemporary, as you’ll see.)

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This video below just brought me joy. Here this group of people are, in a house with three (!) pianos, and a variety of other instruments and they are making music together. I mean … this is just too darn fun and I would love to do something like this sometime. No performance anxiety (I hope). Just sheer joy of playing music together.

You can read a bit about the composer, Irene M. Giblin (1888-1974)here.

The video was recorded in Sutter Creek, California. I know someone from there … I wonder if she knows any of these people. Oh Madeline, do you read this blog?!

Here’s another, just for fun (and in reading more, it appears this was a Ragtime Festival). Six pianists on four pianos, plus 1 banjo:

… at the same concert …

The other performers are tenors who have a bit of talent in other areas as well.

Many thanks to Today’s Classical Music Video for this.

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Experimented with some oboe reeds . I made a few french ones and a few americans. I like the french . Easy simple scrape with a different sound. Like how it sounds with my oboe beings my oboe is french. its a little different feeling to adjust to but i like it.

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… but I’ve never showered WHILE playing.

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Air on a G String for Angklung & Organ

The English Horn reed is a thin strip of synthetic material that is used as a mouthpiece. The act of tying a reed refers to reshaping it, or using a knife to scrape away small pieces of the reed. This makes the reed more stable and reduces the amount of time that it takes to break in and produce the notes with accuracy and clarity.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Sharpen your knife with another knife by scraping the blades together. This is extremely important for tying the reed.

I read this here

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I just figured out that I hear oboe music in oboe fingerings & clarinet music in clarinet fingerings…how about that.