Not much! But I sure did laugh!

Perhaps the Cycologists need a psychologist? Hmmm. 😉

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Here’s something to share with my fellow Music Educators: When you play Clarinet, Oboe, and Trumpet in the same hour, you will have trouble playing Tuba. My face hurts.

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If you can handle the nearly 45 minute show with pretty horrible acting and a ridiculous plot, well …

New Outer Limits: Music Of The Spheres

“It is said that music is a universal bridge, crossing the barriers of culture, age and language. Perhaps eventually we will learn that it also spans those of time and space.”

Um. Okay then. I just wasted 44:24 on this. Hah! Now you can too! 🙂

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Convict Concerto

“Keep up the good work, Ratchmaninoff!” (Yes, I spelled it that way deliberately … you’ll hear why.)

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In response to what a friend (hi Cameron!) wrote:

ing it! (slightly abbreviated tune):

The Impossible Reed (sung to Impossible Dream)

To find
the impossible reed
The one
that works all of the time
The reed
that makes playing so easy
The sort
that’s incredibly fine.

This is my quest ‐
to locate that reed!
No matter how costly
(I’ll deal with the greed),
and to purchase that reed
and be thrilled at the sight;
It’s impossible, sure
but I dream of that reed
through each day and each night …

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Stay in bed. It’s windier than a baby eating baked bean puree, in Kansas City, by a turbine, whilst playing an oboe.