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I was going through “concert withdrawal” (more specifically “Rachmaninoff withdrawal) yesterday and today was busy so I’ve not written about a few things. So here goes …

The Concerts
I’m NOT a Rachmaninoff fan. Or maybe I should say I’m not a Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto fan. Yes. You can gasp, but it’s true. But I really love his Symphonic Dances. While our first rehearsal was a tad uncomfortable for me — getting my EH legs back after a bit of vacation time was not enjoyable — I TRULY enjoyed playing the work, and it sits very well on the EH. Or at least for me it does. So I had fun. And I love having fun when performing. And I also believe — hold on to your hats, folks — that I played well. Yes. I really am writing that.

The Campus
We were told to expect a “police presence” on the UCSC campus today. Really? I didn’t see any police cars. I didn’t see any on police on foot. Or bikes. Or horses either. (Okay, I’ve never seen any on horses there.) Not one police officer at all. Period. And it was all very quiet when I was there. So I guess that was a Big Nothing. But I’m grateful for that. And I’m glad I managed to teach because …

… I now seem to be coming down with some sort of bug. I thought I was feeling sort of bleary this morning because I had to wake at 6:00 AM in order to teach at UCSC at 8:15 (yes, I was stupid enough to agree to that this quarter!). I got home, napped, and taught three students. Only after that did it dawn on me that perhaps I was getting a bug. My fever is extremely low, but it’s there and I suspect tomorrow will end up being a very quiet day.

So there you have it: Concerts. University Threat. Students. Fever. That’s my life in a nutshell!

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Eight international trips in twenty-six years isn’t a lot by today’s standards but, for a woman of her time and circumstances, it represented a concerted effort to experience new lands and cultures.

Lawrence Dillon’s blog and it’s not really a travel blog. Check it out.

Meanwhile I think I’ll spend a little time feeling sorry for myself.

Okay. Done now. I think I just wasn’t meant to travel. Or go on vacations. Go figure.

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We are going to band orientation for [name here] tonight to pick his instrument. I had assumed he would choose percussion, trumpet, or sax. But [name here] never fails to surprise me. He wants to play the oboe.

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The new season has been announced.


Turandot: Sep 9 – Nov 25, 2011
Turandot: Iréne Theorin/Susan Foster; Calaf: Marco Berti/Walter Fraccaro; Liù: Leah Crocetto; Timur: Raymond Aceto/Christian Van Horn; Pin Hyung Yun; Pang: Greg Fedderly; Pong: Daniel Montenegro

Heart of a Soldier: (World Premier) Sep 10 – Sep 30, 2011
Rick Rescorla: Thomas Hampson; Daniel J. Hill: William Burden; Susan Rescorla: Melody Moore

Lucrezia Borgia: Sep 23 – Oct 11, 2011
Lucrezia Borgia: Renée Fleming; Gennaro: Francesco Meli; Alfonso d’Este: Vitalij Kowaljow; Maffio Orsini: Elizabeth DeShong

Don Giovanni: Oct 15 – Nov 10, 2011
Don Giovanni: Lucas Meachem; Donna Anna: Ellie Dehn; Donna Elvira: Serena Farnocchia; Leporello: Marco Vinco; Don Ottavio: Topi Lehtipuu; Zerlina: Kate Lindsey; Masetto: Ryan Kuster; The Commendatore: Morris Robinson

Xerxes: Oct 30 – Nov 19, 2011
Xerxes: Susan Graham; Romilda: Lisette Oropesa; Arsamenes: David Daniels; Amastris: Sonia Prina; Atalanta: Heidi Stober

Carmen: Nov 6 – Dec 4, 2011
Carmen: Kate Aldrich; Don José: Thiago Arancam; Micaëla: Sara Gartland; Escamillo: Paulo Szot

(plus Carmen For Families Nov 27 – Dec 4, 2011)


Nixon in China: Jun 8 – Jul 3, 2012
Richard Nixon: Brian Mulligan; Pat Nixon: Maria Kanyova; Mao Tse-tung: Simon O’Neill; Chiang Ch’ing (Madame Mao Tse-tung): Hye Jung Lee; Chou En-Lai: Chen-Ye Yuan; Henry Kissinger: Patrick Carfizzi

Attila: Jun 12 – Jul 1, 2012
Attila: Ferruccio Furlanetto; Odabella: Oksana Dyka; Foresto: Ramón Vargas/Diego Torre; Ezio: Quinn Kelsey; Pope Leo I: Samuel Ramey

The Magic Flute: Jun 13 – Jul 8, 2012
Pamina: Heidi Stober; Tamino: Alek Shrader/Nathaniel Peake; Papageno: Nathan Gunn; Sarastro: Kristinn Sigmundsson; The Queen of the Night: Albina Shagimuratova; Monostatos: Greg Fedderly; The Speaker: David Pittsinger

Thoughts: I’m not thrilled with Carmen, but I’ll deal. It’s just an opera I’m not all that excited about. I’m trying to figure out what they’ll do with “Carmen for families” … make her behave? Not kill her? Have a puppet bull? I’m guessing none of the above, and it’s just shorter. But kids DO love themselves some “jealousy, betrayal and death” so it should be a blast! 😉 I’m looking forward to a number of these operas and artists and only somewhat dismayed by one that I thought might not be singing at this point. I’ve performed four of these operas: Don Giovanni, Xerxes, Carmen and The Magic Flute. I’ve never heard the others in live performance.

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We don’t have an oboe player and sometimes I just have to have that part played and one of the ways I get it done is with a muted C trumpet. But none of the mutes we have really works for me. Anyone have any ideas on the best mute to fake an oboe?

Most musicians know that a lot of doctors have music in their blood — or at least I think most do. There are doctors’ orchestras, and I remember my kids’ pediatrician singing in our local choir. But it seems that anaesthetists have the most musicality of all.

So enjoy these musical anaesthetists …


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Cannot afford to be an oboe major….I find it ridiculous to spend $100 on reeds and music….fantastic.

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Enrique Arturo Diemecke, Music Director
Announces vacancies for the following positions:
Audition date:
Tuesday, April 5, 2011
Submit one-page resume by
Monday, March 28, 2011
Mail resume to
Carrie Holzman-Little, Personnel Manager
Long Beach Symphony Orchestra
555 E. Ocean Blvd., Suite 106
Long Beach, CA 90802
The Long Beach Symphony Orchestra performs six classics, five pops and
one set of four educational concerts per season.
Current Base Salary: Rehearsal $120.15/Performance $157.65
Additional details mailed upon receipt of resume. No phone calls please.
The winning candidate will be required to show proof
of U.S. citizenship or eligibility to work.