Most musicians know that a lot of doctors have music in their blood — or at least I think most do. There are doctors’ orchestras, and I remember my kids’ pediatrician singing in our local choir. But it seems that anaesthetists have the most musicality of all.

So enjoy these musical anaesthetists …



  1. (To the tune of Neil Sedaka’s slower remake of the same song)

    You tell me that you’re leaving
    I can’t believe it’s true
    There’s just no singing without you…

    Don’t take high A / away from me
    Don’t you leave my voice / in misery
    ‘Cause if you go / then I’ll be blue
    Singing low is haaaaaarrd to do

    Remember when / we sang so high
    And our voices / reached tooooo the sky
    Think how high / that we can sing
    Singing low is hard to do

    They say that singing low is hard to do
    Now I know, I know that it’s true!
    Don’t say that this is the pitch
    Instead of singing low I wish that
    We were singing high again

    I beg of you! Don’t make me cry!
    Can’t you give that A
    Just one more try
    C’mon baby, let’s start anew
    Singing low is hard to doooooooo
    Singing low / is oh / so hard / to dooooooooo

  2. I should call that the Soprano’s Lament. I came up with it when I was singing soprano in an acapella church choir that tended to drop like sack of potatoes no matter how hard I tried to keep the pitch up. 😀