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You can always listen by going here. Perhaps you’ll agree that KUSC really is a quality station. So maybe the change I blogged about will cause the programming to change as well.

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10 years of auditions on the oboe and you would think you wouldn’t be nervous anymore but nope and its not even a big deal

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I’m starting something new … as I find things I’ll post videos of reed instruments from around the world.

From what I understand, this is the Pi Chawa.

In case you haven’t heard the news, KDFC is moving from a commercial station to listener supported. It has been purchased by USC. I was initially quite excited, as I’ve heard KUSC and it’s an excellent station. But now I’m reading that the hosts that are currently on KDFC are sticking around, so I don’t know that it will be improved from what it is now. And what it is now isn’t all that great. Ah well. Maybe there will be slow changes.

You can read about it here, or go to the KDFC page that explains it.

It appears that we in the South Bay will have to listen via the web for a while. The only time I listen to the station is while driving, so that’s not an option for me. Ah well! I’m guessing, in any case, it’ll still be the same old same old for a while. If they DO become more like KUSC I will be thrilled and want it on my car radio.

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Had my oboe lesson today!Actually kinda fun!P.S. I dropped myoboe down the stairs. Now fixed! [name here] you should get lessons. They r fun.

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… and specifically about Christopher Rouse’s Oboe Concerto he’ll be performing this with the Philadelphia Orchestra, where he is principal oboe.