I don’t know what to make of this, but I suppose I should thank Opera Chic for bringing it to my attention.

Philipp Kirkorov & Anna Netrebko:


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  2. That’s Anna Netrebko, a Russian soprano who has become an opera superstar over there, with Philipp Kirkorov, a Bulgarian pop singer who was married for a while to Russian pop superstar Alla Pugacheva. At the beginning they were singing something about saving something, but I’m not very good at understanding sung Russian.

  3. Oh I certainly know who Netrebko is, Anna! I figured anyone who visits this site probably does! There was a another video of the same song with some words in English, but I didn’t put that one up. You can search YT for it if you’re interested.

  4. Yeah, I wish I could delete my own comments — I tend to type first and think later. I got all excited because I speak some Russian, but it’s still very hard to me to understand it when it’s sung. (It’s hard enough to understand just normal spoken Russian!)

  5. My niece speaks Russian. Maybe she’ll see this and fill us all in.