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The Vallejo Symphony Orchestra chose to save the patient by stopping the bleeding rather than risking life support — or worse — by canceling its final two concerts of its 79th season.
An e-mailed “Letter to the Editor” Thursday night was elaborated in an interview Friday by board member Tim Zumwalt and board president Bonnie Bernhardt. They said the decision was inevitable.
“We’re not closing,” Bernhardt said at the VSO office. “What we’re saying is right now we can’t produce any more concerts. We need to concentrate on raising money and coming back.”


I don’t know Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal. Or at least I don’t know that I know it. (That happens sometimes.)

But check this video out. Dueling cellos!

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When this (never-to-be-approved) comment*: “Your thoughts and opinions help me see the light. Thanks.” is actually a link to a porn site I have a strong suspicion my thoughts and opinions haven’t been any help at all. Really.

This other one, though, made me feel so darn cool: “Dude this blog rules i cant believe i finally found what i was looking for, thanks bro.”

Or not.

*First comments must always be approved by yours truly. After that someone can comment without my checking up on anything, although I claim the right to delete anything I find offensive or inappropriate.

Just because I like it:

“… by the spirits of the distant cradles.”

Along the quay, the great ships,
that ride the swell in silence,
take no notice of the cradles.
that the hands of the women rock.

But the day of farewells will come,
when the women must weep,
and curious men are tempted
towards the horizons that lure them!

And that day the great ships,
sailing away from the diminishing port,
feel their bulk held back
by the spirits of the distant cradles.

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[name here]r is mad because my band proffessor is making her play the second oboe part….and i’m a flute

So sorry, but I’ve not been good about the whole “Top Ten” from Mr Tommasini. So I’m just going to put links up for the rest of his series. You’ll have to click on over to read and watch the videos.

Top 10 Composers: Hailing Opera’s Shakespeare, and Its Proust

Top 10 Composers: The Female Factor

The Top 10 Composers: The Romantics

The Greatest

Agree? Disagree? Think it’s ridiculous to even attempt a top 10 list? I know this really did get some people up in arms. Me? I just figure if it gets anyone interested in listening to any of this music I’m a happy camper. I’m easy that way.

I just found another Top 10 List (this blog entry is the top 2, but I’m sure you can figure out how to read about the rest), by John Althouse Cohen. (And this is a new blog to me, so I’ll be checking it out now.)

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… but only if you are in a different state …

Found online:

The third concert in Symphony Orchestra Augusta’s Symphony Series, Job, Satan & God , will focus on the religious aspect of human life.

Maestro Shizuo Kuwahara will lead the symphony in works by three English composers: Percy Grainger, Benjamin Britten and Ralph Vaughan Williams. The performance will begin at 7:30 p.m. Saturday at First Baptist of Augusta. The program will include Shepherd’s Hey by Grainger, Sinfonia da Requiem by Britten and Job: A Masque for Dancing by Williams.

“Throughout this season, we have presented programs which deal with different aspects of human life, and this concert reflects the religious aspect. What does it mean to have faith, and how can one see or feel what one believes? Perhaps it is difficult to understand or explain in words, but there are clues to these questions in sound. This concert is a presentation of composers’ interpretation of religion in music,” Kuwahara said in a release.

There are at least a couple of things that make this sort of interesting to me.

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All The Cats Join In

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Kind of the first time all year I don’t want to have an oboe lesson.