So sorry, but I’ve not been good about the whole “Top Ten” from Mr Tommasini. So I’m just going to put links up for the rest of his series. You’ll have to click on over to read and watch the videos.

Top 10 Composers: Hailing Opera’s Shakespeare, and Its Proust

Top 10 Composers: The Female Factor

The Top 10 Composers: The Romantics

The Greatest

Agree? Disagree? Think it’s ridiculous to even attempt a top 10 list? I know this really did get some people up in arms. Me? I just figure if it gets anyone interested in listening to any of this music I’m a happy camper. I’m easy that way.

I just found another Top 10 List (this blog entry is the top 2, but I’m sure you can figure out how to read about the rest), by John Althouse Cohen. (And this is a new blog to me, so I’ll be checking it out now.)


  1. Hi, Patty, thanks for linking to my top 10 list. Since you mentioned you’ll be checking out my blog, you might be interested in this list of links to my blog’s highlights. (Of course, rummaging through the full archives would work fine too!)

  2. Thanks, John! I’ll be checking that link out. I’m guessing the’ll fill me in about you as well, yes? At this point I’ve only read a few of your Top 10 posts … curious to read about your musical background and all. (Loved listening to the Debussy link, even while it’s a piece I really dislike playing! Some works are that way, while others are “great playing, not so great listening” kinds of works … at least to me!)