Just because I like it:

“… by the spirits of the distant cradles.”

Along the quay, the great ships,
that ride the swell in silence,
take no notice of the cradles.
that the hands of the women rock.

But the day of farewells will come,
when the women must weep,
and curious men are tempted
towards the horizons that lure them!

And that day the great ships,
sailing away from the diminishing port,
feel their bulk held back
by the spirits of the distant cradles.


  1. I love the Fauré songs I know … didn’t know this one, either. I found it very touching to hear older men playing and singing this. I sensed an emotional understanding in the singer that a young man would be less likely to yet have. The pianist’s gestures (nod, too, to Fauré’s evocative writing) made visual the rocking of both ship and cradles. Loved it. Thanks for finding and sharing so many interesting things with us.

  2. I’m so glad you liked it, Janet. It really touched me.