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Yep, starting something new! And since this is a cappella, which originally meant, according to the flawless** (wink, wink) wikipedia, “in the manner of the chapel”, we’ll start with something that may have been sung in a church. But don’t expect that every week! In fact, most of what you’ll hear probably won’t be sacred, since I save that for Sundays. (And don’t expect an ACappellaTuesday™ every week … but when I find something it’ll be here!

Thomas Tallis: If Ye Love Me sung by Ad Libitum

**Hmmm, when I first wrote this blogpost I typed “never flawless” rather than “flawless” … how funny is that? Sort of funny because it points out that I am so flawed and because, as everyone knows (I hope), Wikipedia can sometimes have mistakes. (I mostly like my error, though, because I like pointing out my goofy flaws!)

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