Someone just sent me an email to reprimand me for something she found on this blog back in the spring of 2009. What she didn’t realize is that what she was upset with were not my words. I guess I should point out how I do things here. If the words I’m putting up are not mine they will either be in quotes or they will be in a “blockquote” area. Most frequently I use blockquotes. Mostly just because I can. I guess I need to be more clear about this, eh?

This is a blockquote

Frequently I’ll then put a link to where I found them. This is often shows as RTWT highlighted (in blue these days) as a link. (RTWT means “Read The Whole Thing”.)

I realize that having a blog means I’ll write things that people will disagree with. I realize I might even make some people really angry. But if you get angry with something in a blockquote please know those aren’t my words. I don’t necessarily even agree with what I’ve put in there … it’s usually just something that caught my attention for good or bad.


  1. In case anyone is interested, I have permission to post the email by the sender herself. Anything inside the blockquote are her words, not mine. Here it is:

    Hi Patty,

    I just read your blog and the “interview” you had with Mr. Evgeni Bozhanov (you remember, the Cliburn finalist).

    I just felt I needed to make some remarks: from what you wrote it seems obvious you did not like this pianist or found him arrogant / excentric. I was wondering, when I read your questions, did it ever occur to you that they were the wrong questions? I really had to laugh when I read “did it feel natural for you…”. Sorry, but the questions are all a bit superficial. You might be a brilliant oboist, but probably not the most sensitive and empathetic interviewer. I just wanted to know: did that thought ever occur to you, or did you just think, that guy is stupid and I am right? Just wondering. I always wonder when people seem so sure of what they do. But that is probably how to be successful.

    All the best

  2. Ouch!

  3. Yes, well once she realized I wasn’t the one who wrote the original post she was very kind. I had assumed everyone knew what a blockquote meant, especially when I put a link to the original place I found it, but I guess that’s not true. From here on out I’ll have to be a lot more careful!