Sometimes called a Chinese oboe:

One interesting thing about posting these is that I have no clue if the person playing is good or not! Someone who knows the instrument(s) will have to fill me in.


  1. Have you ever tried to play a Suona, Patty?

  2. Nope. Never even held one in my hands.

  3. I’ve got a couple of these tourist knockoffs of these in different sizes. One day in San Francisco’s Chinatown in an old Chinese apothecary shop presided over by a wizened old Chinese woman in a silk robe, I saw a dusty jar full of the palm leaf reeds they use. Excited, I bought a handful of them. (They worked well when I got home.)

    As I was paying for them, I asked what the name of the instrument was. She said something sounding like, “Deed-Tah'”. I asked, “How do you spell that?”

    She took a slip of paper and drew the idiogram. I still have it somewhere…

  4. I’d love to go find an instrument or two, eve if they are tourist knockoffs, Bob!