27. January 2011 · 4 comments · Categories: FBQD

sadly fixing a oboe reed with plastic wrap does not work


  1. I’ve used plumber’s tape to fix leaks. It seems to work better than fish-skin. 🙂

  2. I haven’t used fishskin (also called Goldbeater’s skin) in eons. I wonder if people know it has nothing to do with a fish and is from a calf’s intestines? Hmmm.

    I use parafilm instead. But yes, I know a lot of people use the teflon plumber’s tape. I just prefer something you can’t see so clearly! Guess I don’t want anyone to know about my leaky reeds, eh? 😉

  3. I’ve never heard of parafilm. I’ll have to give that a try if it is more inconspicuous than plumber’s tape. Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

  4. You cut it in narrow strips, Brandon. Then it stretches a lot … and you take a very small portion and wrap it around the reed.

    That being said, I mostly use reeds without leaks. I generally toss those that need the stuff!