A kid carrying a violin case will not be carrying a gun.

-Frederica von Stade

I read it here.

Read online:

Like the clarinet, it is a reed instrument, and sounds more mellifluous than the oboe.

So … anyone want to guess what this instrument is? I mean … “more mellifluous than the oboe”?? Really now, how could that be? 😉

Well, here you go:

I have to confess — because I just love to confess publicly, in case you haven’t noticed! — I hadn’t heard of the chalumeau before.

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Going to form an Alt Rock band trio and play the Oboe in it,Watch out world!

was surprised that neither the soloist or his conductor acknowledged the great oboe soloist in the Brahms. But you didn’t either… maybe it was just me. Sarasate said, “Would I stand there,” he said, “violin in hand, while the oboe plays the only melody in the whole work?”

The above was found in the comments section of a reviewer’s blog.

Sometimes in a concerto a player in the orchestra has a incredibly large solo. The Brahms Violin Concerto has that wonderful second movement oboe solo. The Ravel G Major Piano Concerto as a most amazing English horn solo in the second movement. (Something about those second movements!) In those instances it’s pretty darn rare not to get a mention. When this happens to me I assume the reviewer wasn’t thrilled with my playing. I know I could be wrong, but I sort of doubt it.

Duh … he was saying the conductor and soloist didn’t acknowledge the oboist, not the reviewer. Okay … in that case I get very paranoid and assume they weren’t happy with me at all! Sigh. I’m that sort of optimist.

Or maybe I’m just paranoid.

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This is a father and son thing … the son singing all the parts but the bass, as you’ll hear … and see! I’ve always loved this Billy Joel song. Just because.

Billy Joel: And So It Goes sung by Vince & Jason Perry

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Canadian music history professor saying “about,” highlight of my morning so far. her baroque oboe playing… not so much

(& yes, his twitter page tells which university he attends … be smart people, be smart!)