Okay … this made me laugh (thanks Chris Foley!) … although the metronome seems “off” to me. (Am I wrong?) But just watch … hysterical

But of course YouTube shows us other videos we might find interesting, and I guess the above reaction isn’t unique:

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Just got done playing my oboe it always makes me feel at peace.

I just read this on yet another question/answer site:

What Is the Easiest Instrument to Switch From the Bass Clarinet?

Well my instrument is to BIG to fit on my bus, so that is why.I was thinking about flute or maybe maybe oboe?
HELP! I am only in beginning band 6th grade!

I just thought this was too darn cute (I corrected some typos, as I don’t intend this to be mocking in any way)! Silly bass clarinet just doesn’t fit on the bus! 🙂

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Sonata in C, BWV 1033, Allegro
Arco van Zon, Oboe

Some of these really made me laugh. (But boy, they are harsh on oboe!)

Q: My band program is allowing us to switch instruments. I have a clarinet and have been playing since August, and in that time I have become QUITE good. Before I even started playing, the band director said I had a good mouth for clarinet. But I might be switching. Maybe to oboe because of the scholarship options. But then I heard my friend complaining (she plays oboe) about the limited note range. Should I switch? If so, to what? I have gotten used to the clarinet fingerings. so would that be a problem? Can someone give me a list of woodwind instruments and their pros and cons?

A: I can’t stand the oboe, but you should try the bassoon.

A: I play clarinet, its AWESOME! Dont swtich. Oboes are cool but not as cool as the clarinet. Once you get into high school band (if not already) they usually have the melody and a lot more playing time than flutes or what ever. heres some instruments though


A: Oboe – It makes a disgusting sound but is also a funny sound. Not many people play it.

Clarinet – It has a nice smooth tone but the fingerings can be complicated, also the higher register may be hard to play in tine and nicely.

Bass Clarinet – Much the same as clarinet except it is better because it is lower and unique. Takes a while to get used to after having played normal clarinet.

Bassoon – Makes a cool noise and is different. Is really big though, although the case is pretty small really. You would need to know/learn bass clef which is a pain in the ass.

Baritone Saxaphone – It’s really low and cool sounding but again it is written in bass clef. It’s also heavy.

Tenor Saxaphone – I find this instrument to be boring and average. To me it is just the sax between alto and bari. It’s pretty cool though.

Alto Sacaphone – I think it is a really cool instrument. It is suited to funky jazz or classical music.

Flute – Really high and hardly ever in tune (sounds horrible when more than one plays in the upper register) but is by far the easiest instrument to set up and pack away. It has no reed and only 3 parts!

My answer? It would be a question: “What instrument sound do you love?” Really, if someone doesn’t like the sound of the oboe it’s a foolish choice. I’d have more questions after that, but we’ll stop now. Because we can. Just like we can write in the third person if we want.

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2 for 1 day:

Vuvuzela = the most annoying instrument next to the clarinet.

… and the reply:

You must have forgotten about the oboe 😛

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Rossini, Barber of Seville: Overture, on guitars