Okay … this made me laugh (thanks Chris Foley!) … although the metronome seems “off” to me. (Am I wrong?) But just watch … hysterical

But of course YouTube shows us other videos we might find interesting, and I guess the above reaction isn’t unique:


  1. Snooky follows the beat better than some of the musicians I’ve worked with…

  2. Too darn true, Bob! You had (have?) cats, yes? Did you ever see them do this sort of thing?

  3. Laser pointers drive the cats crzzy, too.

  4. No cats and no laser pointers in the house, Bill … had no idea about that OR metronomes!

  5. Never saw a cat be so uncertain for so long. Usually they decide to pounce right away or else just walk away.

    And yes, Bill, laser pointers are a hoot.

    Get a cat, Patty. There’s a world of entertainment you’ve been missing!