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… and I might have been harsher than he in some instances (or mentioned some he didn’t mention). But since I work in the biz I’ll keep my mouth shut (and my fingers still).

But I love this:

Shut up. Websites that have sound on autoplay are sheer madness. The San Francisco Ballet’s otherwise excellent website ( www.sfballet.org) opens to a loud and intrusive video that will have you lunging for the mute button on your computer. Ballet San Jose’s website ( www.balletsj.org) also opens with an unpleasant bang.

… and does anyone else find it funny that it’s the ballet sites that are giving us this unasked for music? The minute a site does that to me I leave it. Period. I just hate those! Sure, give me an opportunity to hit “play” if you want, but don’t give me unasked for music. Sometimes I already have music on, believe it or not!


The Promise

Itamar Erez – Guitars & Piano
Yoram Lachish – Oboe & English Horn
Yorai Oron – Contrabass
Dani Benedikt – Drums & Percussion

I realize that I am ignorant when it comes to this sort of thing, but isn’t conducting an orchestra basically air guitar for rich people?

-Jimmy Kimmel

Tenure-track Assistant/Associate Professor — Oboe
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge

(Oboe/Tenure-track position)
School of Music and Dramatic Arts

Required Qualifications: Doctorate of Musical Arts or equivalent degree (exceptional candidates who have not earned the terminal degree will be considered, if they possess significant national/international experience) and demonstrated artist-caliber performing and teaching skills.

Additional Qualifications Desired:Successful college teaching experience.

Responsibilities: Recruits and teaches undergraduate and graduate oboe majors; coaches chamber music; performs with the Timm Woodwind Quintet; advises graduate theses, monographs and research projects, as necessary; and, teaches a class in woodwind area (reed making, woodwind literature, woodwind pedagogy, for ex.), as needs arise and time permits.

Title and rank will be commensurate with experience and qualifications.

Screening will begin immediately through March 7, 2011 and will continue until a candidate is selected.

For full consideration, submit materials by March 7, 2011.

Apply online, at:


Position #000047.

Quick link to ad URL: here

I found this information here.

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I’m so not gonna get use to oboe.

Largo al factotum … for accordion