“The music brought out my soul for playing music again,” he said at intermission. “I might want to watch this again, maybe with my family. They’ve never seen an opera before, so I’d like to bring them here sometime.

The quote is from a young student who attended our dress rehearsal yesterday.

& this is why I absolutely love seeing these young ones attend the opera. Who says you have to have gray hair?

I read the above quote, and more, here.


  1. Yes, indeed. Just like the student performances of Nutcracker. OhMyGawd!, another Nutcracker, how am I going to get through this??

    And then a small voice from the audience squeals, “OH!!”, and it’s all worth it…

  2. Absolutely, Bob! I remind myself of this every time we begin the Nut … I know we are creating memories, and I hope we are creating music enthusiasts!