I get ANOTHER spam email with the same names as the one I reported earlier. The names were just moved around. Paula is now the parent searching for lessons and the other name (which I removed because I know he’s a real person at a real university) is the one who is her secretary. Here is just a portion of the email. The rest contains all the information (email, phone number, etc.) of the actual instructor. I’ll leave his name off of these things, as I’m sure he has nothing to do with any of this!

Hello Teacher,

I am writing to know If you can tutor my 15 yrs old daughter, Jane for 5-6 weeks starting from Feb 24th, 2011. I just don’t want her to be less busy so I just want her to get hooked up with one thing or the other. You know what I’m talking about. It can be on Language, Subjects, Dance or Music Instruments. Let me know how much you charge per hour and let me know the total for 5-6 weeks lesson. You can take her on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays for 2 hours lesson per week. You can just take her at your convenient schedule. Please tell me your past teaching experience and make up lesson. I hope to read back from you soon. Have a nice time.

God Bless you

Best Wishes
Paula Perkins

Considering the earlier email I think I should jump right on this and give these people all my personal information. Don’t you think?

Or not.

I’m especially happy that it ends with “Have a nice time,” because, indeed, I really am.


  1. That letter is really quite good Engrish, don’t you think? 😀

  2. The thing is, this one has links to a legitimate site and the people named are real, so I think it’s the first one some innocents might go for.

  3. Spammers are getting quite creative – just received a comment that seamlessly (but not so subtly) includes a press release for a random arts event. (I guess it’s not technically spam, but still…)

  4. Yep, they keep comin’ at us, Jolene!