My goodness, but one reviewer (Georgia Rowe) hated the opera. Nearly nothing good to say. Tons of bad.


  1. Yikes! And yet the other reviews have been so positive! I’m going to have to write this one off as a critic having a bad day.

    I’m going to try to see it on Saturday. I have to admit that it’s a little weird to look at the photos and see different people in the costumes that we used last time (including someone else wearing my costume! The horror!) on the set we used last time.

  2. It WAS a very painful review, wasn’t it? I realize that reviewers will differ, but if you printed all the reviews up and asked readers if it appeared everyone attended the same performance I’m guessing they’d say “absolutely not!”.

    Ah well … such is life.

  3. I had some “fun” with that during Cenerentola… The reviews were so wildly divergent, yet they all viewed the same performance. Of course at the time I did it out of anger because the reviews were largely negative, and in many cases ill-informed.

  4. The frustrating thing is that some readers honestly think the reviewers are perfect (of course in the instance of Barber perhaps they’ll catch on?!). I’ve had people come up to me to say, “I hear that this concert is really not good at all. I read the review.” ONE review. And they believe it. Not sure how to get them to understand this is one person’s opinion. (Grumble.)