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Lowell Liebermann (born 1961), Nocturne No. 2 played by Phoebe Pan, who was 10 years old at the time of the recording in April, 2008.

Here she is again, in May of 2010 (she must enjoy Liebermann!):

I read that the Gargoyles for piano are frequently recorded. Here are two, played by Jessica Ma:

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Met my 6th grade students today and they had questions like “Can I play oboe?”, and, “I want to play trombone!” Music to my ears…

Someone sent me the following. Note that I’ve removed the phone number and address; if you want those please contact me and I’ll provide them. I’m not comfortable putting them up on the blog.

Hi, DC area oboists,

I need your help to speed recovery of one of our great oboe players, Al Genovese.
He is almost 80 and in and out of the hospital in Philadelphia. Right now he is getting rehab treatment for the latest bout.

I ask you all to send him get-well greetings through his sister in Philly. Many cards from fans and former students, like myself, would go a long way to encourage him and his family.

He is a very dear and sweet person to me and many others and his marvelous playing and musicianship gives great joy.

Send letters to: Al Genovese, (email me at pattyoboe [at] att [dot] com for this info).

I am also trying to get a fan club page going on Facebook as “Al Genovese” and need 24 “friends” to sign up after “friending” me.
If you are on Facebook and would like to help, let me know ASAP via Facebok or return email here (email me at pattyoboe [at] att [dot] com for this info).

Any other help like forwarding this to other oboe players around the country would be fantastic, the more the better.
There are still many oboe players in the DC area for whom I do not have email addresses so pass this along to those you know in case they were missed with this email, especially those in the military bands.

Anything else, you can call me: (email me at pattyoboe [at] att [dot] com for this info)

Bless you for helping,
David “Oboe” Brundage

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I might be picking up the oboe again! Shield your ears!

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UNT Wind Symphony concert features longtime oboe professor
What: University of North Texas Wind Symphony Concert

Featuring Jennifer Higdon’s Concerto for Oboe with Charles Veazey, Regents Professor, on oboe. Conducted by Eugene Migliaro Corporon.

Proceeds will benefit the Denton Animal Shelter Foundation.

When: 7:30 p.m. Feb. 17 (Thursday)

Where: Winspear Hall in the Murchison Performing Arts Center, located along the north side of Interstate 35E at North Texas Boulevard

Cost: $8 – $10

BUT … here’s the thing!! … if you aren’t near there you can also see and hear it live on the web. How cool is that?! Go here on Thursday. Keep in mind the 7:30 PM is Texas time (CST). Whatever that means to you in your neck ‘o the woods. (They are two hours ahead — and perhaps years behind? — my time here.)

Jennifer Higdon sent me a recording of her Oboe Concerto and I most definitely like it. Check it out if you are able!

… or perhaps scream?

A horn playing friend brought this to my attention via Facebook. (Thanks, Alex!)

How about becoming a musician for a stress free job (I had a link here but it has been removed; see note below), eh?! Clearly whoever wrote this has no idea what it’s like to be a musician. Yikes! (This is from “Buzzle.com: Intelligent Life on the Web” … um … yeah, sure.)

Orchestra Musician
We all will sing in unison when it comes to support the fact that music is pure stress relief. Yes, all music lovers and musicians pour out their daily anxiety, stress and tension in the creative upsurge of music. As an orchestra musician, one is under no hurry of job timings or hectic work schedules. With peace in mind and heart, musicians create pulsating music, that is intellectually and spiritually satisfying for them. Stress is indeed, a creative process for them that inspires them to work better. Orchestra musicians enjoy stability, good salary and satisfaction of life in music. The orchestra musicians earn an annual salary of USD 50,000 TO USD 110,000 depending on the geographical location. This is one of the most stress free jobs that gives you job satisfaction.

Truth: this job I have brings me satisfaction.
Lie: good salary of $50,000 to $100,000? Um. Not for a lot of us!

… and of course it is most definitely not stress-free. Really.

But this is just so darn hysterical it’s ridiculous! And it sort of makes me angry too. But only a little, because I’m so free of stress I don’t get all that angry these days.

I do think this might be one of those articles that is merely to get high up on google and get more attention. Those sorts of articles don’t really care about truth, and of course this one will receive tons of hits from musicians who are up in arms about it. Maybe the best solution is to NOT click on the link, so I’m removing it!