Someone sent me the following. Note that I’ve removed the phone number and address; if you want those please contact me and I’ll provide them. I’m not comfortable putting them up on the blog.

Hi, DC area oboists,

I need your help to speed recovery of one of our great oboe players, Al Genovese.
He is almost 80 and in and out of the hospital in Philadelphia. Right now he is getting rehab treatment for the latest bout.

I ask you all to send him get-well greetings through his sister in Philly. Many cards from fans and former students, like myself, would go a long way to encourage him and his family.

He is a very dear and sweet person to me and many others and his marvelous playing and musicianship gives great joy.

Send letters to: Al Genovese, (email me at pattyoboe [at] att [dot] com for this info).

I am also trying to get a fan club page going on Facebook as “Al Genovese” and need 24 “friends” to sign up after “friending” me.
If you are on Facebook and would like to help, let me know ASAP via Facebok or return email here (email me at pattyoboe [at] att [dot] com for this info).

Any other help like forwarding this to other oboe players around the country would be fantastic, the more the better.
There are still many oboe players in the DC area for whom I do not have email addresses so pass this along to those you know in case they were missed with this email, especially those in the military bands.

Anything else, you can call me: (email me at pattyoboe [at] att [dot] com for this info)

Bless you for helping,
David “Oboe” Brundage


  1. Patty:

    I would be happy to send Mr.Genovese a card if you can give me the address.
    I was supposed to go to the ROPA conference when I had my cancer surgery. Beth Zare went in my place and had everyone send a postcard from Memphis – mostly Elvis postcards.
    It was hilarious and a great morale booster.
    So I’d love to do this for Mr. Genovese.


  2. Just sent you the info, Pam!

  3. Hi Patty,

    I’m active on the IDRS Forum and I’m doing some updates while Delmar is traveling. Do you mind if I repost this to the forum for those who don’t frequent your blog?



  4. Genovese’s early 60’s recording of the Dvorak Serinade is one of the reasons I embarked on a career as an oboist. I’ll write him!

  5. Take 2: Serenade. There, got it right!!

  6. Patty, thanks so much for sending this on. I have Eric Barr, retired in Dallas, also working on this. If you need more info, you have my email address.
    Don’t let IDRS confuse me with the bassoon David B. He is in the US Army Band here and a friend of mine.

  7. Oh Amy … I just saw your comment and I don’t think I replied! I’m sure the forum would be interested in hearing about this as well. (But they don’t follow me? Aw. I’m crying now! Okay … just teasing … really!)

    David, I’m glad I could be of help. I do get a good number of reeders (typo intended) here.

  8. Patty,

    Please send me the address and FB page info.



  9. Regina Touhey Serkin

    Please send me Al’s sister’s info as I would like to send her something. I am very sorry to hear about Al’s passing. He will be deeply missed.

  10. I’m sorry … I emailed you the information but the message has bounced back. It appears the email you supplied might not be correct.