Hello Teacher,
I am Kelly Freeman, I am 59 years of age , I will like you to know that i got your e-mail as a private teacher and i will like to know if my daughter can join your private class. My daughter name is Lucia, she is coming over to your country for long vacation starting from 7th of March, 2011 and at the same time i like her to get lesson in with you, she is 16 years old, she is a beginner, first language (English), best hobby(reading). I hope you will accept her as your student?. So I’ll really appreciate it if you could be a part time teacher for her during her stay…You will be teaching her for 45 minute lesson a day for 2 days in a week which will be for just 8 weeks. So, kindly let me know your charges cost per week in order for me to arrange for the payment before she travels down to the States. I would also like to know if there is any Text Book you will recommend for her as a beginner so that she will be reading privately at home after the lesson during her stay.
Please Advise back on;
(1) Your charges per 45 minute lesson a day, twice a week for 4 weeks?
(2) The Day and time you will be available to teach her During the week?
(3) Tuition address?
I will be looking forward to read from you soonest.
Best Regards

Yep, yet another one … they are on the rise again. People, beware!

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thanks oboe for breaking at the most important time.

The Whale Who Sang At The Met

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Of all the marching band kids, I bet you the oboe players are the angriest.