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I don’t think you can really call yourself a musician unless you experience all types of music.

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Charles-Valentin Morhange Alkan (1813-1888): Funeral March on the Death of a Parrot
Performed by Raymond Lewenthal, singers from the Metropolitan Opera Studio, Alfred Genovese, Leonard Arner, Henry Schuman; Oboes, Loren Glickman; Bassoon. Conducted by Raymond Lewenthal.

(I’m so glad David Mankin brought this to my attention!)

Read here.

But it was a moment of dizzying collective rapture that was all too predictably ruined by some eejit in the Royal Festival Hall shouting “bravi!” – from one of the boxes, I’m pretty sure – before any of us, including the orchestra, had the chance to come down to earth again. There is no greater musical violence an audience member can commit than to scar this unique moment, when time seems to stop still at the end of a great performance, with a selfish, solo shout.

And then there’s the ludicrous pretentiousness of using the Italian plural form, “bravi”, as if to show the rest of the audience, and Rattle and the players too, that he’s clever enough to know the correct endings of Italian adjectives, rather than using the “bravo” that anyone else in this country would recognise or employ.

I shout “Bravi” too. Sigh. And “Bravi tutti!” as well.

I DO understand the annoyance of an early clapper. It really can shatter a mood. But I also know how dissing someone who breaks that “silence rule” might feel the disdain of the audience and never return to a concert. I think we all can lighten up a bit. Sure, he should have waited. Perhaps he will figure that out in time. Making fun of someone isn’t all that helpful, really.

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A group of prominent business and civic leaders have formed a committee aimed at reviving the bankrupt Honolulu Symphony.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported Thursday the group has asked the retired president of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and the conductor of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra to develop a business model for the symphony.

The informally named Symphony Exploratory Committee has also filed for nonprofit status.

Group leader Oz Stender, an Office of Hawaiian Affairs trustee, says it would be a shame of Hawaii doesn’t have a world-class symphony.

Other members include former Hawaii first lady Vicky Cayetano and ABC Stores President Paul Kosasa.

The 110-year-old symphony canceled its concerts and filed for bankruptcy in 2009, citing a sharp drop in donations. Its assets are due to be liquidated.

(Oh I DO hope that the musicians managed or is managing to purchase the music library, as we did here. That’s a valuable asset that would come in very handy should a new group be formed!)

Read more at the Washington Examiner

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I Googled “vibrato”, cus I thought I didn’t know how to do that, but then when I saw what it was, I picked up my oboe and played a note with vibrato. I feel stupid…

More Barber of Seville tonight … I’m fairly sure you won’t hear an ocarina in our performance, though!

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One of the oboe players is doing the strawberry equivalent of a Violet Beauregard. Bit concerned about her blood pressure

I named the speaker last time, and nearly got my head chopped off, so instead I’ll just share the quote without naming names … safer that way!

If [the classical composer] Beethoven were alive today, he’d be a video game composer.