Fourteen, in fact. Wow!

Canticle of Earth by Dan Kellogg

World Premiere, 22 February 2011. University of Colorado, College of Music Bassoon Studio, Yoshi Ishikawa Director. Conducted by Allan McMurray. Players from L-R: Kent Hurd, Yahaira Nieves, Michael Christoph, Amanda Hoffer, Shih-han Chiu, Kaori Uno, Patty Fagan, Michelle Jones, Matt Cullen, Kristen Gogan, Brian Jack, Cody Dean, YoonJoo Hwang, Ben Cefkin


  1. A lotta bassoons and a sound I might have imagined if I’d thought to wonder about the sound of 14 bassoons: solid yet somehow ethereal.

    A neat piece. Think we can find 14 bassoons around here?

  2. I’ll bet we could come up with 14, Bob. Maybe even more! 🙂