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More than 20 students donated their brains to science for a day to help unravel its structure by listening to classical music.
Over the past decade, the Music Dynamics Lab on the Boca campus has been using an fMRI machine — a huge magnet that uses radio-frequency radiation to create images of the body — to peek inside FAU students’ brains while making them listen to Chopin. They used the results to try to determine how music affects the brain.

The start of this article cracked me up. Notice that the writer used “making them” rather than “letting them” or “having them”. So it did make me laugh.

It goes on:

The research team, led by psychology professor Ed Large, developed a new method for studying human emotions last year by looking at what music does to your brain, while you’re listening to it and long-term.
Until now, emotion research has tended to only allow scientists to show subjects single pictures, but the FAU researchers created a way to use long samples of music while analyzing their brains.

So check out the rest of the article. It’s interesting! At least my brain thinks so.

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