Keep your eyes open, and help a bassoonist whose instrument was stolen. Here’s the info I received:

STOLEN BASSOON ALERT: yesterday, the bassoon belonging to SF Symphony bassoonist, Steven Dibner, was stolen from his car, in his own driveway. The instrument was made by Benson Bell in Canada, and bears the serial number 34. The finish is cherry red, and it has the short bass joint with the long, seamless top joint, characteristic of all Bell bassoons.

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I rather like the sound of an oboe.

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Pigs In A Polka
Release Date : February 6, 1943 (Warner Bros. Pictures)
Produced by : Leon Schlesinger
Directed by : Friz Freleng
Musical Supervision : Carl W. Stalling
Featured Music : Brahms’ “Hungarian Dances”
Nominated for the 1942 Academy Award for Best Short

Subject: Cartoons

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Oboe is the devil! Its so hard to play in tune at time, I prefer the English Horn.