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The golden mean of truth in all things is no longer either known or appreciated. In order to win applause one must write stuff which is so inane that a coachman could sing it, or so unintelligible that it pleases precisely because no sensible man can understand it.


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I had an awesome day with the kids today. Lots of bubbles and dirt cupcakes and a really long wagon ride from the jungle to the desert. The kids went to sleep in 2 mins :). My eldest even practiced her oboe so well I enjoyed listening to it!

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Carmel A-Cappella sings some Mozart:

Many of my younger students hear me say “No piggy back fingers!” when they are beginning. The finger spread with oboe is bigger than flute or clarinet (I’m guessing bassoon is bigger, although I’ve never played the instrument), and when students aren’t pressing the keys down they tend to allow lower fingers in the right hand to “piggy back” on top of upper ones. One of my younger students is catching on now, but he allowed me to have him demonstrate what he used to do so you can see what I’m talking about. Look at the lower hand. Don’t let your fingers do this!

That being said, I’m still working on his left hand! As he knows, I want the index finger to be lurking closer — even over — the side octave key. The way he has it now he has to move a bit too much to activate that octave key. But he’s gradually getting there! While my right had is fairly perpendicular to the oboe, the left is at a bit of an angle, fingers aiming slightly downward. Some might disagree with that — I’m open to discussion. But I probably won’t change my mind. 😉

Thank you, Darin, for letting me use you as my hand model!

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Spent way more time choosing my oboe than my outfit. Should sound better than I look

Just a little gift for you low reed folk. Different approaches to the Mozart Bassoon Concerto, second movement. DK, this one’s for you! 😎

This is a fun version!

But … um … who says bassoons have the only right to play it, eh?

Any of my bassoon playing pals want to share their favorite video of the original instrumentation?

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Of course it’s the bassoons having all the fun again. Typical.

Harlequin-the Quartet
Cantina Band from “Star Wars”
John Williams/Julia Lockhart

Jesse Read, Julia Lockhart, Gwen Seaton, Ingrid Chang-Bassoons