11. March 2011 · 4 comments · Categories: FBQD

[name here] has to have her own oboe for band this next school year. So anybody wanna buy a kidney…. or a leg? Geez they’re expensive.


  1. patti with an i

    I know nobody has thousands of dollars sitting around burning a hole in their pockets these days… but a student oboe? “So expensive?” They should thank their lucky stars she didn’t pick a string instrument. My good bow, which isn’t the only one I have to own, was insured for more than the fanciest Loree it’s possible to buy, last time I looked.

  2. Yeah, I’m always having to explain to parents that our instrument is a LOT less expensive than some! We get off easy when it comes to that. If they want to whine it should be about reeds!

  3. patti with an i

    I am eternally grateful that I don’t have to make my own strings or rehair my own bows or something! That’s worth a good deal of the difference, come to think of it…

  4. Heck, if I didn’t have to deal with reeds WHAT the heck would I whine about, hmm? So I’ll deal. 🙂

    (And I do feel badly about how much you all have to pay for your instruments and bows!)