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… little late! This was broadcast on November 19 of last year, but I neglected to put it up. Or maybe I remembered to and this is a repeat. You tell me!

You can listen to Ira Flatow (I always thought his last name was PLATO … silly me!) interviewing physicist and musician Dr. John Powell. He has a book out called “How Music Works: The Science and Psychology of Beautiful Sounds from Beethoven to the Beatles and Beyond”. I have always been fascinated by the difference between instruments, as well as the difference between two instruments playing the exact same notes in the same octave … how while one might sound screechingly high while the other might sound mid-range or even low. (Compare, for instance, an oboe playing a high G compared to a flute playing a high G. We sound quite high. The flute? Not so!)

To read the transcript or click on the audio link go here.

It really is quite interesting!

You can also hear and see him in these two videos (he’s funny, too!):

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