11. March 2011 · 2 comments · Categories: TQOD

tried to tighten/loosen some screws on my oboe. I’ve killed it. DDDDDD:

… a longer post that was linked to this read:

I saw that the screws on my oboe was loose, so I tried to tighten them, but now it can not be fully played. For example when I play in B flat, it becomes another note. Does anyone know what happened? I really need help urgently.

(I caution my students about this … you can’t just turn a few screws on a whim! Leave it to your teacher or repair person. Please.)


  1. I did this before my very first concert (6th grade – some years ago!). I was polishing up my oboe and noticed all those “loose” screws…

  2. I wonder what note came out instead of the B-flat… 🙂