Just a few numbers for you, from a performance elsewhere (but hey, Blomstedt did conduct San Francisco Symphony some time ago, right?):

Herbert Blomstedt, Gewandhausorchester & Kammerchor Leipzig
Ruth Ziesak, soprano
Anna Larsson, alto
Christoph Genz, tenor
Dietrich Henschel, bass

10. Qui sedes ad dextram Patris


  1. Music to sooth the soul. From the man who signed his manuscripts

    ‘To the greater glory of God”, JS Bach

  2. The oboe/d’amore guys were fantastic last night, Bob! (Do you remember when SJS (RIP) played this eons ago?)

  3. It’s funny, but to be honest I don’t remember that performance. You’d think I would, given how little d’amore I’ve gotten to play in my life, but it’s a complete blank in my memory.

  4. I remember playing d’amore … George had decided that he wanted the English horn player to play the first part because he said he wanted it to “sound more like an English horn than an oboe” … and I remember him letting me hear the recording later and I actually was happy with my playing (VERY rare!). I don’t remember much else, really!

  5. ‘The disposition of those who are pleased with their playing must be a great blessing to them.’

    – Stevens Hewitt


  6. … and I’ll bet if I listened now I’d probably be horrified. I never am satisfied with my playing so I don’t know what got into me with that one recording!