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… so I’m going to stop doing these on a weekly basis. So much is much of the same, and I’m not sure it’s all that exciting for you. But I did enjoy this English horn arrangement of “The Man I Love” so here you go!

Peter Wegele and Annedore Wienert playing Gershwin:

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Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G Major, 1st Movement – Allegro (BWV 1048) on mandolin, mandola, guitar and bass
Ben Bosco

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[name here] started playing the Oboe today & every bird in Florida is in our front yard. Anyone needs a duck call let me know.

Next week I’m playing second oboe. We are playing the Brahms Requiem, which I love, and the composer’s Variations on a Theme by Haydn, which I really don’t care for. (Truth be told, I usually don’t care for Theme & Variations sorts of works.) The biggest issue with the Theme and Variations is the darn theme. Low second oboe. With no rests. It’s a pain. I’m guessing I’ll end up muting it. I just cram a swab in the bell and that works for me.

But I did see a very cute idea for a mute here. I’m not sure, though, if management would want to see the colorful mute on stage when we are all in black. Hmm.

I also hope it isn’t taken too slowly. Below is the start of the work at one tempo … one I wouldn’t mind, although I even like it a notch faster:

Slower (no thanks!):

And the tempo I really prefer … moves right along!:

Tonight is our first rehearsal. So hoping I have a cooperative reed!

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my sister played oboe – think strangled goose – correction, loud strangled goose.

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In August of 1705 there was recorded an incident when Bach, upset with the poor performance of one of the church musicians, a certain Geyersbach, referred to him as a Zippel Fagottist. Later one evening, while Sebastian was walking with one of his cousins, Barbara, the same Geyersbach accosted Bach and demanded a retraction. When Bach would not apologize the Zippel Fagottist set upon him with a walking stick, whereupon Bach drew his sword. The altercation must have made a suitable impression on the young cousin, but the Consistory was not pleased. In its reprimand the town council noted, unfairly, that Bach was neglecting the composition of figural music (technically not one of his contractual duties).

Zippel Fagottist = nanny goat bassoonist

I read it here.

Yes. “O.S.” … this means “Old Style”. We get to celebrate Bach’s birthday twice. Once today and once on the “New Style” (N.S.) date of March 31.

I think I’d like to have O.S. and N.S. birthdays too. Okay?

Finnish Baroque Orchestra/Sirkka-Liisa Kaakinen-Pilch
LIVE 5.8.2010 in Tapiola Church
Bach: Orchestral Suite C (Ouverture)

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Read online:

Direct links to the Cleveland Orchestra’s legendary past are fading, as four longtime members have announced plans to retire at the end of the season.

Among them, bassoonist Phillip Austin, oboist Elizabeth Camus, bassist Martin Flowerman and principal percussionist Richard Weiner have over 150 years of experience in Cleveland, including several under famed former music director George Szell. And all of it will leave with them in late summer.


So the question is: what new hotshots will win these auditions and will they at least be over the age of twenty! 😉

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Just received:

Apparently a local Oboe Student has these missing from a stolen car in Berkeley, Please keep an eye out and pass on to the Local Music Stores as well:
Loree Oboe with serial LB58 (borrow from her teacher)
Old mandolin in black hard case
IBM think pad computer
iTouch engraved
…Red ’93 Nissan Sentra