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Why post blurry photos from tonight’s rehearsal on my blog tonight?

Read the title of this blogpost. Duh.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some of the crazy spam comments I get. So read … enjoy … or scratch your head … or something … here they are:

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“By gosh darn”, this is sweet …

… and yeah, I’m a wee bit jealous. Never in my life will I get to work with SFS or MTT and these kids are incredibly blessed.

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Alexander Voormolen: Pastoral for oboe and piano

Michelle Chow and Kento Nomura

We rehearsed a bit of the Requiem last night. (The Variations went fine, by the way; it’s always so much easier than I’m fearing. Or at least it’s usually that way.) But ahhh, I was reminded of how much I love the Requiem. As if I needed reminding. It’s truly glorious music. Part of me would love to just stop playing and wrap myself in the sound, but playing is mighty nice too.

I was looking at the Symphony site to see who was soloing, and I was rather surprised to see that the male soloist was listed as a bass rather than a baritone, as I thought the part was clearly a baritone part. But, truth be told, I’m rather clueless when it comes to voices and vocal range; I guess a bass can sing a baritone part, eh? But here’s the cool part: while looking up the singer, I came across his blog. So hello Matthew Curran! See you in a few!

Mr. Curran has blogged about his love of the Brahms work. Check out what he has to say. (And check out young Herr Brahms!) I love reading singers’ blogs, as their world, while connected to mine, is different in so many ways — I can’t quite imagine the kind of nomadic life they lead.

And you say you want to hear him sing? Here’s a fun little ditty:

As to the Requiem and the baritone part, well, here’s a rather familiar face (to me in any case) singing the third movement:

I hope hearing that has caused you to want to come hear Mr. Curran singing at one of our performances!

Hmmm. Perhaps I’ll post the entire Requiem later. Listening to this makes me think that might be a good idea. So stay tuned.

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For some reason on my oboe every time I try to play an F sharp it comes an A flat?????????

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If an orchestra is not part of the city, if it is just in an ivory tower, it will die and will deserve to die.

-Simon Rattle

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The Ring Around Quartet
Vera Marenco soprano, Manuela Gandullia contralto, Umberto Bartolini tenore, Alberto Longhi baritono
Madonn’io non lo so – chanson del XVI secolo di Adrian Willaert

(This could also have been put up in my New To My Ears series, as I’ve never heard of Adrian Willaert before!)

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My little cousins teaching grams how to play the English horn and the violin. She sounds horrible.