… at least this one must be making ’em. $48 milion? Yikes!

The Plaza Hotel has hit a high note.

A Russian composer has just closed on a $48 million home at the Plaza — the highest price ever paid for a single condo unit in New York.

The buyer is Igor Krutoy and his wife Olga.

The 6,000-square-foot unit in the swanky, historic hotel is on the 12th floor. While it has sweeping views of Central Park, it is not even a full-floor unit.

Prudential Douglas Elliman’s Lisa Simonsen, who brokered the deal, declined to comment.

Sources told the Post that Krutoy was willing to shell out the big bucks because he was tired of losing out. Krutoy had previously lost other apartments he was interested in buying at fancy 15 Central Park West and the Time Warner Center by bidding too low.


One does need a lot of square footage in order to write music, I’m sure. Sorry he didn’t get a full-floor unit, though. Sad.

I’d not heard of him before, so I’m guessing maybe one or two of you hadn’t either. So here, let me share …

Want another?

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you know you live in a musical family when your child says oboe begins with o

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J.S. Bach Two-Part Invention n. 5
arr. Charles Vetter
Dave Camwell and Stephen Page – Alto Saxophones
(Dave is a friend of mine!)

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just play the oboe really badly.. Bad oboe sounds like bagpipes haha. (oboe is suuuper hard to play).

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Um. Okay then.